One age comes to a close as great forces conspire to bring a new age to light!

In an ancient land, rulers have always fought for power but when warriors from the east land on the Central Continent an upheaval of power like never before unfolds. The world turns upside down as more secrets emerge that will shake the accepted ways to their core.

Kings Theodorif, Fenir and Haakon lead their people, the Gota, to new lands with the hopes to raid and conquer the lands but what they find instead of opportunities is an ancient evil bent of devouring the world. The once fertile lands have been damaged by centuries of war and the people are blinded by distrust and hate. It is not the lands that the three kings were promised.

Mortal kind faces its greatest threat as the Gota have to join their force with unfamiliar faces to ensure the survival or the mortal races while trying to establish a new home for their people. Succeed and perhaps they will flourish but to fail would mean the extinction of all that was good in the world.

In the Time of Standing Stones

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