The woods are your home, and you take their scent with you when you return home. The armor you wear and your quiver leave a distinctive leather aroma near you. If the thought of this makes you smile and yearn for the hunt, then this is the right candle for you.


The woody scents of cedar and teak give off the aroma of relaxing vibes while the leather takes your memories back to days of yore. Enjoy your time with this candle filling the air with subtle scents of a fantasy world that you read about in books.


5oz tin. Long-lasting candle.


Never leave the candle unattended. It is suggested to only burn up to 2 hours at one time. Trim the wick and older burned pieces prior to each use. Place the candle on a non-flammable surface. Do not burn near anything flammable.

Elven Huntress Scented Candle Tin

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